Self Esteem Quotes and Uplifting Messages

We want to share two great videos with self esteem quotes because the uplifting messages can help make a positive difference in how you feel about yourself.

One of the main messages is “Don’t give up on yourself.”

First video…

Most of the time, we don’t pay much attention to the comments left on YouTube, where these videos were originally posted. However, in this case we not only paid attention to the comments on YouTube, but we added several of those comments here.

“If you Believe in Yourself, Then you will undoubtedly LOVE YOURSELF! Only thing to be Afraid of is YOURSELF!

self esteem quotes“Thank you so much for sharing!!!”

“Thank you, this has helped my confidence :)

“I was told there’s no such thing as a coincidence… it’s simply God’s way of staying anonymous… I believe it… this video is just what I needed. Thank you and Thank God!”

“OMG, I love this I watch it every morning for a little pick me up before I start my day. Good job.”

“This is awesome! Thank you so much.”

Second video with self esteem quotes…

Here are some of the comments that people left on YouTube for this video.

“Beautiful quotes and music. Very good. Loved it.”

“Self esteem starts with self love. By letting go of your frustrations and accepting who you are, you will start feeling confident with yourself.”

“An excellent collection of self esteem quotes.”

“Very inspiring music that calms the mind and lets the spirit flow within”

“There is nothing except right now… this moment. Just for now… could you let go of all the resistance and allow yourself to feel the peace that is always available to you? What would that mean for your life if you could spend more time in that peaceful state?”

“That is really good!!! Thanks!!!!!”

“Thanks for sharing.”

We were glad to see that lots of people like the self esteem quotes as much as we do.

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