Low Self Esteem: A Touching Perspective

As we were thinking about what to write concerning low self esteem, we ran across this video. The video and the accompanying comments come from Damon Fizzy. He talks about low self esteem from his personal experiences. It is a touching perspective.

Below, you will see the comments from Damon Fizzy that were found on the video page.

We could have written a lot about low self esteem – what is is and where it comes from. However, we thought many of our visitors would like to read about low self esteem from the perspective of somebody who has been there, done that.

Don’t let the video filters fool you. Everyday I look in the mirror with disappointment. There’s not one day that I don’t stare in a mirror and want to just hide in my room and never be seen. My insecurities have held me back from so much in life, so many opportunities have been missed. Even with videos, I am always ashamed of how I look. In my videos, I hide behind video filters so people will actually listen to what I have to say instead of focusing on my imperfections because I get that enough in my everyday life. This can’t go on any longer, I need to start living life to the fullest because you only life once.

I made another video a few months ago on my personal channel about this as well as some other stuff going on in my life.

For everyone suggesting acne products, I have given up on those. In the last 4 years that I’ve had severe acne, I have spent so much money on products for my face, visited multiple dermatologists and have done almost anything I can do because having clear skin was something I desired more than anything. I was and still am so sick of going out in public and having people stare at my skin, instead of my eyes, when talking to them. I guess I shouldn’t let it bother me, but it’s hard in a world where people point out every single flaw of yours. The only thing I can really do is eat better, cleanse daily and hope for the best.

For everyone calling me an attention whore, I’ve been on YouTube for 3 years. If I was seeking attention, why would I wait 3 years to admit to my insecurities? I was simply just being honest on why I don’t post often and why for awhile, I actually stopped making videos in general. Many are saying “you just made this to get people to call you cute” Actually, no. When people compliment my looks over the internet, I don’t take it serious because I know if they saw me in person, they wouldn’t be saying the same. Point is, you don’t know me, my life struggles or anything about me really. You only know what is shown in videos so don’t act like you know me until you truly do.

low self esteem
Dear Fizzy family,

Thanks for the support throughout all these years,
it’s helped me through some of the hardest times in life.

Thank you.

It is certainly not our intent to disrespect Damon or embarrass him by posting his video and picture on this site. We think he is very brave to share such personal feelings on YouTube.

And to anybody currently suffering from low self esteem… you are not alone. We sincerely hope you can find one or more ways to boost your self esteem!

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