How to Have Self Esteem That Lasts

If you want to know how to have self esteem, there are two very important things to understand in order to make the desired changes.

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How to Have Self Esteem (for real)

How are most people learning how to have self esteem today? They are discovering the 2 most vital issues so they can experience the real change they desire. So what are they doing?

There are lots of books and programs on the market that promise to teach you how to have self esteem. But the problem most of us face is this. Most techniques don’t work for everyone, or just don’t last. Additionally, they don’t deal with the real issues beneath the surface holding most of us back. If only people knew there was a simple approach that actually worked, then many others would learn how to have self esteem.

How To Have Self Esteem that lasts: 2 Vital Areas

Vital Area #1:
Identity. Here is the truth about how to have self esteem that lasts. At some point in your life, you formed an idea about your personal identity. This identity is what makes you the unique person you are. Over time, and in certain situations, you also made conclusions about yourself. Some of these conclusions are good, but others were incorrect. Here’s the problem. Your emotions may still be running based on the old rules you previously established. They don’t know the difference between what is true and false. That’s why positive thinking alone can’t produce the change we want. And that’s why you continue to struggle. But, there is good news. There is an effective way to change this so you can learn how to have self esteem that really lasts. This will also build your self confidence.

Vital Area #2:
Value. After you formed the sense of personal identity, you placed a value on it. How do I know this happened? Here’s an example. When you see a person do you ever feel like they are more important or less important than you are? If so, that means you are measuring the value you placed on them against the value you see lacking in yourself. Sometimes you win this math game, but most times you lose. The problem is that using this equation is bad altogether.

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