The Definition Of Self Esteem

definition of self esteemThe basic definition of self esteem refers to how you feel about yourself overall. It can also be thought of as how much self-love or positive regard you have for yourself.

Many times, self esteem is shaped by past experiences and situations that impact how we currently feel about ourselves.

We have included an article that defines self esteem as well as confidence. Self esteem and confidence are closely related, but there are some differences between the two.

Here’s the article…

The Definition of Self Esteem

By Sarah PJ White

We are all told that high self esteem is important to us – it gives us a belief in our self and our abilities, especially when others say we will never accomplish something. High self esteem gives us courage to keep going when things get difficult and therefore, is one of the most valuable things we can give ourselves. We can all afford to improve our self esteem but what exactly is self esteem?

Self Esteem Definition

In its simple form, a definition of self esteem is having a feeling of pride in yourself. However it is much more than this sentence portrays. It’s a persons evaluation of their own worth, using both emotion (such as despair or triumph) as well as their beliefs – for example, ‘I am worthwhile’, ‘I am worthless’ etc. It can apply to specific parts of you (I am a good cook) and can also be applied globally (I believe I am a good person).

So What is Self Confidence?

The main difference between self esteem and self confidence is that self confidence is having a belief in your ability and future performance. Having high self esteem means you are likely to see yourself as worthy of success and happiness, which in turn means you will have the confidence to try your hardest to achieve whatever you set out to achieve.

So How Do You Build Your Self Esteem?

Anything that makes you feel important or valuable as a person, or anything that makes you feel good about yourself in general, will build your self esteem levels. If you fill your life with these things on a consistent daily basis, your level of self esteem will automatically rise. So it goes without saying; avoiding anything that makes you feel bad or reduces your feelings of worthiness or importance will help keep your self esteem high.

Change Your Thoughts and Life

If you feel good more often than you feel bad, you will have high self esteem – and vice versa. Many people who have low self esteem continually focus on those things that make them feel bad. They keep in regular contact with people who laugh at them, they talk to themselves in disrespectful ways and continue acting in ways that make themselves feel bad. Spotting these bad habits, identifying those things that make you feel bad and changing them for things that make you feel good will do wonders for your self esteem and send your esteem and life into a better direction.

Sarah PJ White is a Life Coach & EFT Practitioner, who specializes in motivating, inspiring and encouraging mothers who have issues with their confidence. To download her free report entitled ‘Busted! 8 Confidence Gremlins & How to Drop Them’ or to see her other resources, please go to Self Confidence Workshops

Article Source: The Definition of Self Esteem

We were thrilled beyond words when we ran across this article. Sarah PJ White is a great writer and does an outstanding job at covering the basics of self esteem.

In addition to the definition of self esteem, the article defined confidence and talked a little bit about how to build self esteem. We were glad those things were mentioned because they go hand in hand with one another.

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