Activities for Self Esteem

activities for self esteemThere are a variety of simple activities for self esteem that can help you feel better about yourself. Many of these activities can also make a big difference in the level of your success, both personal and professional.

For this post, we have selected an article that talks about some basic, yet effective, activities for self esteem.

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11 Facts About Body Image

body imageBody image is an important aspect of self esteem.

This picture shows an attractive young girl that wants to see “Barbie” when she looks at herself.

The problem is that Barbie is a plastic phony, and yet media sends the distorted message that this is what young girls should look like.

Young girls need to understand that wanting a physical appearance similar to a doll is neither healthy nor desirable.

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Self-Confidence: What Is It And How Do You Get It?

self-confidenceThe basic definition of self-confidence means freedom from doubt and a belief in yourself and your abilities.

It goes way beyond just a definition because having it can make a huge difference in the way you feel about yourself and the overall quality of your life.

The information in this post not only looks at what self-confidence is, but more importantly, it talks about how to get it.

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Women And Self Esteem

women and self esteemWe found a great article titled “The Truth About Women and Self Esteem.” It is an ideal addition to the other content on this site.

Here is a summary of that article:
How come women tend to have lower self esteem than men? Why it’s vital you do something about your own low self esteem. And how you can raise your self esteem quickly and easily.

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