Hello and welcome. Our names are AnnaRae and Gordon.

We’ve made several websites together. Besides this site, we have various sites related to home decor, one about how to train a horse and a site about slow cooker recipes.

We feel that this site is our most important one. We sincerely hope that the tips and information found here will help people to feel better about themselves and to get more out of life.

Since we’ve been working together building websites/blogs, there’s a question we get asked a lot… Are you two married? Yes we are – but not to each other. We, and our respective spouses, have been good friends for many years and we all have several interests and hobbies in common.

The main thing about building websites/blogs together is that in addition to sharing similar interests and life experiences, our ideas and writing styles blend together perfectly.

On this site, we don’t do as much writing as we have done in the past. Instead, we compile lots of videos and other information to share with our site visitors.

Meet AnnaRae Mills

AnnaRae MillsHello, my name is AnnaRae Mills. The name AnnaRae combines the middle names from each of my grandmothers.

I’ve been working with Gordon for many years… ever since he asked if I’d like to help him with another website he was building (information and tips about rugs).

I like finding out more about my favorite things and being able to share that information with others.

In addition to raising a family, I had a career in the banking industry, where I spent many years as a customer service manager.

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Meet Gordon Bellows

Gordon BellowsBack in the days when I wore a suit and tie, I was the purchasing supervisor at a large vocational school.

Then I switched careers and became an economic trends analyst. I wrote reports on economic trends and prepared short-term economic projections for various metropolitan areas across the United States. By the way, studying economic trends is really not as dull and boring as it might sound!

In 2002, I left the 8-to-5 corporate world to focus on a few special projects, such as building websites to share some of my interests with others.

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